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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Transportation, transportation, transporta-tion

For our Spring Break Howard took Friday off and we went to the ForneyTransportation Museum. It was very informative and kind of fun. Emma loved all the cars/trains she was able to go in. Annie liked seeing the car from Herbie Fully Loaded.
Sarah loved running around. I liked the cutesie Burma Shave type signs hanging all over. Annie decided she likes our car much better than any old-time cars. Even Amelia Earhart's car. Which looked quite unsafe.
We were able to see a Big Boy,
one of the biggest train engines, or something like that. Nephew Ben knows about them, being a 4 year old boy.

There was also a restored horse kiddie ride. They took turns. They got to climb around in a Jeep,

and a model T.

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Bethany said...

I've never heard of that museum! We will have to go check it out too!