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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yum of the day

Howard made dinner tonight out of nothing. Meaning we had nothing planned and it was 6 and we were hungry. He made quesedillas for the kids. And for us, he grilled some chicken, baked some bacon, sliced some tomatoes, washed the lettuce and shredded some cheese. He combined all that yummyness with avocado and ranch dressing and wrapped it all in a tortilla. I'd show you pictures but we ate it all. Okay, not really all of it. There was enough left for one more but we refrained from making pigs of ourselves.

I know I haven't mentioned it but we are finally after 12 years, budgeting our money and tracking every penny. As such we haven't been out to eat in two weeks, except the time MIL treated. Well, with this new yummy wrap and the asian chicken recipe from Our Best Bites and all the other great recipes we don't need to eat out anymore. We have been making delicious grub at home.

And now my dear sister is making recipes from Our Best Bites . And she is loving it too. Good grub and good times.

Finally, Howard is staying home tomorrow and I am so excited!!!

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