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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Clever Rabbi

The girls learned a story about the Clever Rabbi of Cordova. If you can't tell from the show, the leader of the city was advised by his evil advisors to kick out the Jews from the city. Not wanting to take the credit for this move, the leader decides that if a representative can answer 3 impossible to answer questions, the Jews can stay. The questions: How many stars are in the sky, what is the distance between the truth and a lie, and the third was he had to pick a slip of paper from a bowl. If the slip said stay then the Jews could stay. Of course both really said go. The clever Rabbi thinks very hard and manages to outsmart the city leader.

The girls wanted to do a Veggie Tales type version with all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the plot. This is the end result. Take 2. The first take was scrapped due to Sarah coming in screaming and refusing to stop. :)


Karen said...

My girls and I watched it last night. Thanks for the entertainment!

Melody said...

We found this on a search today and enjoyed watching it after reading the story of the clever rabbi. Thank you for sharing it! :)