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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick, again

Sarah was throwing up on Tuesday night. Last night she said she was still sick. Today she has a fever and is passed out on the couch.

Emma threw up yesterday. Annie had a migraine on Tuesday and is paranoid of having the stomach flu. I have been in containment mode and have been letting too many things slide. This morning Howard informed me that we are out of clean underwear and socks. Oops. I guess I let that one slide too much.

And also, in other news, Emma lost her first tooth on Sunday.

The new tooth has already made its appearance and the adjacent tooth is feeling wiggly.


LuAnn said...

I don't have your email address. Also, once in a while I read Sara's so tell her I'd be happy to send her an invite, too. Just put your email in a comment on my blog.

Katie Bell said...

i was so there last week, it took five days for everything to clear up, good luck. i can wear rubber gloves and drop some gatorade off at your house...if you want.

Rachel said...

nah, I'd feel bad because I didn't get gatorade to you. Thanks for the thought though.
and hopefully the puking is done.

Karen said...

What's worse than having a child home sick? Having a husband home sick!!!!LOL!