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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good times

Tonight we got all crazy and took the whole family toPhotobucket .
Why is this a big deal? We haven't gone out as a family to a sit down place since Laura was born. And guess what? We had a great time. The kids were all well behaved and courteous, using please and thank you and sharing with each other. I know, shocking, right? Yeah it was grand. Older people were watching us in awe. Really. Emma asked me why the people were looking at us.
We should do this again in another 8-9 months.


KristinNB said...

Yay for awesome behavior.. =)

Yes, I love when we get to actually go out and enjoy a family dinner together.. It isn't often enough..

Katie Bell said...

Love it. Plus, you totally rocked that slip today, just so you know.

l.j.s.j. said...

Wow...that is ambitious. Way to go!

l.j.s.j. said...

Oh hi Katie Bell!!!