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Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today Emma officially started her second semester of school. Annie will start hers next week. I am basing the semesters on their math program. I gathered all of their work and put it in manila folders and wow, its alot! I am glad that I am able to see what is going on with their learning. Anne gets mostly B's on her math but I can see which problems she is consistently having problems with. Oddly enough it has been time problems lately but she got it today, hooray!

She finished her Mushroom Planet book today and picked a prize from the treasure chest. What did she pick? Why a Hoth rebel soldier of course.

Emma is working on finishing the next step in her reading program, which is unfairly long. She is working to get an Imperial Guard, because they are really hard to kill in the video game so they must be cool, right?

In more girly news, the girls got a Victorian Doll house on Monday. They love it and play with it all the time. They use their mini American Girl dolls in the house. The house came complete with furniture, including a baby crib with sides that raise and lower. The crib came with a baby too. Sarah informed us of the baby's name last night. Howard and I have been laughing ever since. What gem of a moniker has been bestowed on this lucky toy? Nakedbutt. Yup. Here he is, with and without his funky outfit. I had no idea he had clothes!

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