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Monday, January 26, 2009

School Update

Today, for the second day in a row, Annie got an A on her math. Hey, an A- is still an A. And she is gaining more confidence in her skills. Which is good because on the 28th she is going to her first Ameritowne meeting. Ameritowne is a town run by students, governed by students. They go to several meetings to prepare and then put it in action. She has been looking forward to this for two years so hopefully she will enjoy it.

And, drumroll please...Emma read almost her entire Science lesson today! This is fantastic! She didn't even know she was doing it. I am so pleased with her progress. When we first began I had to read everything to her. Now she only needs my help when she doesn't know a word or gets tired. (She needs glasses for reading but we haven't picked them out yet, waiting for our medical account to build up) She also did her bookwork without me having to read any of it.

And even though its Monday, we got through all of our subjects. And Emma even stayed after to do more work. Oh it was a good school day.

I learned an interesting fact today, that Thursday is named for Thor, the viking god. I had no idea.

I have also learned that it is very helpful to write out my lesson plan. I know, duh. I even bought a lesson planner before the school started. But I didn't use it until I had to write it out for Howard when I left for the funeral. Now I write it all out on Thursday after school. I check off each lesson as they finish it. And the kids can look at it to see how they are doing. I totally wanted to cop out of school today due to the migraine and feeling dizzy. But the lessons were written down and I didn't want to erase them and redo them. Yes, I was on the ball enough to write them in pencil. After all, they are lesson plans, not set in stone.

*Note to self, need to have Howard adjust the vent in the schoolroom. Its stuck open and incredibly warm down there.
*Also must repair pencil sharpener, very essential.

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