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Friday, December 5, 2008

Movies for guys who like movies

Have I ever mentioned that Howard loves that I like action movies? I love action movies. I hate romancey movies where there are sexual situations but I am quite willing to watch cool car chases, combat, etc. True some of the guys in them are quite dishy but the fight sequences are cool. Photobucket
I like action movies as long as there is a good plot. And Howard will watch chick flicks with me as long as it isn't too dumb. Will I have him sit through Twilight? Photobucket Perhaps when it comes out on DVD, I have already wasted enough money on it.
The next movie we plan on renting is X-Files and I have no idea how to categorize that one.


Diamond said...

We love Jason Statham in this household as well. Doesn't he make any movie a chick flick?

Baileys said...

You didn't happen to like the Transporter movies, did you? I can't find anybody to watch them with me, since they have so little plot - just a lot of blowing things up and cool car chases!

charlesmarkley said...

I think that is the 1998 X-files movie pic. At least, according to Netflix.

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