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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teeth and Tens

Okay, tooth, not teeth. Laura cut her first tooth on the 9th. I had no idea she had a tooth. I was just letting her chew on my hand like she does and I felt it. The kids were just as excited as me. Laura is not all that excited though. I think her other teeth are hurting her. And she is sick...again.

Emma has started counting by tens this week. Saxon math knows what they are doing. Introduce counting by tens and then bust out the dimes. Emma really likes dimes now. I think they are her favorite coin. She did an activity where she had a bag of 80 pennies and a bag of 8 dimes. She decided she'd much rather carry the dimes around, more efficient. Today she learned a little about volume, the liquid kind. We had 5 different containers. She estimated how many cups would fit in each and then we filled them, one cup at a time. It was fun and messy.

Annie is going to sing a verse of Feliz Navidad tomorrow at school for the program. She is also going to ring a bell in I heard the Bells on Christmas day. She is sad because her friend won't be there. I think her friend is homeschooled because her family is always going on trips. At home Annie is doing an experiment with bread and microorganisms. I have confined it to the basement. After the fruit fly episode I don't want any more unwanted organisms in the house.

And in other news, Sarah wore pants at least 3 days this week. Which means I didn't have to wash the select few dresses she likes this week over and over.

We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth today. Twice. We really liked it. Especially the dinosaur part. Even though some of us had to watch it from behind a chair. No, not me. Sarah and Emma. They are sad that we have to return it.

Off to bed before it is tomorrow.

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Karen said...

Hopefully she doesn't start biting with that tooth! Ouch!