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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tonight we watched Home Alone as a family. PhotobucketEmma hid when Kevin climbed the shelves in Buzz's room and asked us to forward it. Sarah yelled "I want to watch the spiderworks!" So now we have a new word in our family vocabulary.
Emma still has a hard time with this movie. For a kid who does the most hitting in our family, she is oddly uncomfortable with the hijinks in this movie, has been since she first saw it. I guess its good all the Lego Star Wars hasn't desensitized her. Photobucket
We love the Lego Star Wars here.


Karen said...

Hey, we watched Home Alone tonight too! What a great flick! I had a hard time watching some parts when he steps on the nail...yikes!

Rachel said...

Emma can't watch that part, she ran from the room!