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Thursday, November 6, 2008

To the Doctor, again

Tuesday I came to the realization that I have post partum depression. After much encouraging by Howard I called for an appointment. I was told there was an opening in 2 weeks. I told them I didn't think that would work. So they screened me over the phone and got me in yesterday evening. Step one in making me not crazy was to swap my Mirena IUD for the Paraguard. Luckily Howard just sold a car for Mike because paraguard isn't cheap, but hey, at what price sanity? After the "procedure" I came home actually tired for once. I had great plans to sleep the entire evening instead of staying up all night online. Laura, Sarah and Emma had other plans.

Emma began the festivities with coughing until she threw up. We had neglected to give her her night time meds and it was horrible, about 2 hours worth. And yes, we did medicate her once we realized our mistake. Then Sarah peed in her bed. She had insisted on sleeping in undies because she knew she could stay dry. Hmmph. Laura decided to join in the fun by waking up every hour crying, much like she is doing right this instant. It was a very long tiring night.

Today I made plans for Emma's friend to come over. She was motivated enough to do her math and reading rather quickly. Then I got a confirmation call about Laura's six month appt tomorrow. They wanted to postpone it because her 4 month shots were a month late. I wanted her to be seen because she has had gooey eyes and nose for 2 weeks. In the end I ended up taking my 4 kids and Emma's friend (who was quite well-behaved, unlike my kids) to the doctor. Since it was no longer a well child visit it was no longer free. Ugh. Then it was decided that maybe she has a sinus infection and also needs ointment for her eyes since 2 different drops didn't clear it up. The kids and I tromped down to the pharmacy, where the ointment was backordered. I ended up getting the antibiotics and need to go back tomorrow. Did I mention we don't get groovy cheap meds like at Wal-Mart? Yeah, I think I may have enough cash left for the ointment tomorrow . Then all of the car money will be gone. Don't get me wrong, I am still doing okay $ wise, it just sucks to have to spend the cash unexpectedly on medical stuff in 2 days.

I really wanted to buy fun stuff but I guess the IUD is kinda fun?? Heh heh. Unless I need meds, which I will be evaluated for in a few weeks. Guess what my insurance doesn't cover? You guessed it.

On a happy note, I get to go on a fun field trip with Emma tomorrow with the two little ones and I was actually motivated enough to make lunches already and I have checked to make sure Emma has clothes to wear.

Hooray for less hormones.