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Friday, November 7, 2008

My sister

My sister rocks. She is three years older than me and is my best friend, aside from my husband, of course. My sister has always been there for me. She put up with me when I was the naggy little sister, although she did try to sell me once. As we got older we had more in common. Especially through the teen years when we were into NKOTB and had all sorts of teeny bopper guys plastered to our walls. She sometimes let me borrow her clothes and sometimes stretch out her shoes for her. Oddly enough when we were in high school and shared a room I was the clean one and she was pretty messy.
Now that we are both adults and married we are still friends. I feel like I need to talk to her everyday, just like we used to at night before we went to sleep. She listens to me gripe about my day and we try really hard not to compare our kids, reminding ourselves that everyone is different.
We have both been given incredibly lovely children who are every bit as difficult as I was as a child, which is totally unfair to her as she was a pretty nice kid. We are trying to handle them as best we know how. Which is to try every day to not let them get to us.
Oddly enough, my sister studied ASL. Yet I have the 3 hearing impaired kids. I have wickedly bad vision and have learned how to deal with coke-bottle lenses and know how to walk around at night and not bump into TVs on the floor. Yet my sister's kids need new glasses every 6 months or so. I guess its what you call a cruel irony.
Sometimes my sister can't see what a great person she is. She is pretty humble. She does so much but she can only see what she isn't doing. She actually does the mom stuff, reading to her kids, taking them to lessons, planning and making meals, raising good kids. And she has totally started reading, which I think is cool.

She lives at least 8 hours from me. I am sure to some people 8 hours is nothing, but neither of us wants to drive that distance with a newborn/infant/cranky toddler. Especially without our husbands. See, we have some things in common, being related and all. I think we both inherited the same horrible sense of direction. That being said, we have seen each other twice in the last 3 years. It sucks.

I miss my sister.


KristinNB said...

That is so sweet.. I wish I could have been that close to my sisters.. I do miss them though..

Karen said...

Thank you. You made my day. I love and miss you lots!

David and Heather said...

great post, Rachel. I'm sure it means a lot to Karen. I love you both!

Happily Ever After said...

That is so sweet! I hope my girls will be the best of friends like you and your sis are!
Oh and please email me your address on my hotmail account because my computer was stolen (see my blog for some details) with my address book in it in outlook. Madison got Emma's postcard, which she LOVED btw, and is itching to write her back.