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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

seriously so bummed

I had a nice post all about our vacation, complete with cute pics and then the computer crashed before I posted it. It took two hours and now I don't have the energy, plus must pretend to be doing some school with the kids.......

Okay, after a break, Emma read her first book in her reading program, all about Al and his dog Nat. She did the workbook pages that accompany the story and played on the American girl website. I think that was good easing back into school. Annie read independently for 20 minutes, practiced the clarinet, worked on life skills (swept, mopped, chose a recipe and helped prepare it) plus played on the American girl website.

I also de-nastied the bathroom and did last night's dishes. I know, I am so lazy. Today wasn't a total waste. I also talked on the phone with my sister for over 100 minutes. The two younger ones had speech therapy.

And the baby ate a whole jar of bananas tonight.

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Crystal said...


dont you love technology? haha...

PS I like the title of this post. :}