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Monday, October 27, 2008

Last night I told the girls that they needed to do school before going on a field trip today. So when I was getting dressed Annie informed me that she woke up earlier, did her math, spelling language arts and history and was ready to go. Cool, huh? That left me with Emma. It was cool because for math we used a balance. I put different items in Dixie cups, covered them in foil and them Emma got to find out which cups were heavier than others. She was convinced I tricked her and left one empty. She laughed when she opened it up and saw it was full of cotton balls.

Once that was over I tried to get ingredients for a picnic together. Sadly the bread was still in the freezer and we have no crackers. Our lunch consisted of Fritos, popcorn, Nutter Butters and capri suns. We followed the Stuarts to Berry Patch Farms. Annie was scared of the potbellied pig and chickens. Emma thought they were cool. We watched a movie about pumpkins, went on a hayride, haybale maze, picked out pumpkins, learned about bees and made pumpkin necklaces.
It was a good field trip.

Laura wore a groovy aviator cap for the second day in a row. We bought two of them for her to keep her hearing aids in. It worked pretty well. I wish I had known about them when Emma was a baby. Maybe she wouldn't hate her hearing aids so much. Laura looks pretty cute in the little hats. She has one in dark pink, one in white. As an extra bonus the hats give her a layer of warmth in winter and will keep her melon from getting burned in summer.

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