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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Howard

Howard turned 35 today. He is being a very good sport. He is gazing past the mess and clutter in the house that usually drives him crazy and is enjoying the day. I made french toast for breakfast with maple syrup, homemade peach syrup (it was supposed to be jam but its so good on pancakes, waffles, etc.) and the last of the loganberry syrup. We also had turkey sausage and apple juice. Emma was so excited that when she set the table she gave him her new orange Halloween cup and black swirly strawl. Yes, strawl. She is convinced there is an l at the end.

Howard went to go help Mike move a car right after breakfast. The girls and I jammed over to Target to see if they had any more Indiana Jones movies in stock. No luck. But we did get him some cozy new slippers and a sexy man sweater. He couldn't wait so he has opened his gifts already and is wearing said sweater. Yum. The girls gave him a foot massage and now he is playing Playstation. The cake is in the oven, Sarah is taking a nap and Emma is begging for junk food, again. Its a good day.

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KristinNB said...

How fun.. Glad he enjoyed the birthday..

Yummy, french toast.. I need to make me some..