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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Karen and I were discussing making Halloween costumes. I have made costumes for Howard for the last 3 years or so. I am delighted that he is buying one this year, I don't even care how much it is. Usually I slave over a costume and then it gets chucked after the fact. This is last year's model:

He's King Candy from CandyLand, btw. His whole area decides on a theme and dresses/decorates accordingly. One year they were redneck CSI and it was so funny. Sadly I can't find any pics of that or the year he was the Crocodile Hunter, or a Pirate.

I don't dress up. I am a Halloween Scrooge.


Ker Family said...

Those are HILARIOUS pics...

Crystal said...

Haha! funny costume!

You should dress up! I think I want to be corn or some other vegetable! Hahaha!! you should be a veggie with me. :]]]

Thora said...

You aren't a halloween scrooge, you are just very skilled at dressing up as a muggle!