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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I hate having a cold

I know, nobody likes being sick. Its a real bummer when the baby is sick too.

Okay, we didn't have a real inservice day. I had the girls do math, Emma did her language arts for the day and Anne did her spelling/grammar. And I didn't make pickles until yesterday. So lazy.

Yesterday we took down our pool. We are WT enough to have an above ground pool. It hasn't been warm since we went to Utah the last week of July. The pool, not the weather. When Howard was taking of the solar cell blanket he noticed that the little cells were popped. No wonder it hadn't been working. I guess it was really hot while we were gone and it fried it. We'll get another one next year. The whole pool is down and put into the garage for winter, leaving a 12 foot circle of dead grass. So attractive. I wanted to take down the broken swingset too but my cold kicked in and I started feeling icky.

Anne finally got her student manual for language arts and she hates it. So do I. I think I may splurge and get her a Language Arts through Literature program I have been eyeing. It comes with the books too and is about $59 or so.


Crystal said...

what a lame time to get sick. I totally came to visit this weekend. :[

Hope you and the baby feel better soon!!!!

miss you.

Celeste said...

We miss the ward a lot. Rory always asks about his friends from his old CTR class. What's your brother's name? I also just have to say you ROCK with the whole home schooling thing. That school room is amazing! I bet the girls love it.
Well feel better soon!