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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sutter's Fort

Our kids' school provides the opportunity to do a living history experience at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. 

The kids prepared by researching people who actually ended up at Sutter's Fort. Sarah read Patty Reed's doll for her CA History class, so it was even more meaningful for her. 
I made a skirt for Sarah, we already had the apron and shirt, borrowed the bonnet, and Sarah hand stitched her bag.
For Laura, I made the dress, her bag, and she wore a different apron a friend made years ago. The bonnet is borrowed.
For Emma, I modified a shirt from the thrift store by removing the collar and adding a ruffle that matched her skirt. I also added three buttons and covered therm with fabric. I made a full petticoat that was double the length of a king size sheet, and made the skirt. The apron and bonnet were borrowed. 

Emma made granola bars and wrapped them in wax paper. They also brought beef jerky. 

To trade, they made corn husk dolls, and Emma and I whipped up some mini quilts.
Adam also went, but I didn't get any before pictures. 

The crazy part? Howard took them. I got to stay at home with Annie and watch rubbish. It was delightful. But anyway, back to the fort...
This was Howard's group. Poor Adam, it was all girls and him. But he had dad, so it was fine. Howard was a group leader, so he got lucky and didn't have to do any advance prep. 

They got to cut food in the kitchen. Their group made enough salad to feed everyone at lunchtime.

Adam loved spending the day with Howard, and all the other stuff too. 
Sorry it's fuzzy, but this is Laura helping the blacksmith. Howard was sneaking pictures with his new fangled image capturing device. 

They had a blast at the school also. 

Adam traded all of his items for candy, including the chalkboard he was given at the school! The quilts turned out to be a hot commodity. My kids came home with feather pens. They also had wool from the spinning wheel. 

Overall, they had a blast, and said they'd do it again.

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Patty said...

What a great experience for your kids! I always love activities that bring history to life, and what better way than to play the part?! Awesome!:)