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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Any time we have a break from school, the kids complain about how boring it is and how we never do anything.

So, last night, we alleviated the problem and announced that we were going to a hockey game. Not surprisingly, they complained.  "We don't like hockey, we don't want to go!"  And so on.

After some persuading, they all hopped in the car and we went to the designated place at the designated time. We had 2 family packs,8 tickets, so we were able to bring Emma's friend with us.

I don't think we got the usual seats for a family pack, as they were behind the net, about 8 rows up.
Once we were there, they were pretty happy.  They had no idea what hockey was, due to a serious lapse on our part.
Included with the tickets were hotdogs and sodas, and even a team hat.
Adam has entered the "strange smile for pictures" phase. Laura and Howard look amazing. 
Annie was Sarah's buddy. And, incidentally, she was the only one who was warm enough, thanks to her jacket, which you can't see, because it's camouflaged.

Turns out, the kids loved hockey.  They picked players to cheer for. They loved all the fighting.  Laura loved that after they fought, they had to go to time out. I was so proud, when after a fight, she informed me that it was a 4 on 4, and two guys were in the penalty box.

Someone gave Adam a puck. Emma and her friend got team posters, Sarah and Laura got hats, trading cards and a team picture. 

Everyone stayed awake and actually watched the whole time. 
Overall, I'd say it was a successful outing, even though the local team got their butts kicked pretty good.

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