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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School 2013/2014

Today is the official first day of school.  We started off the day with Mickey Mouse waffles, bacon and orange juice.  Then, it was picture time, and the kids all filled out a first day of school questionnaire. 

They are all getting so big!  This is so crazy, my first year with 4 in school.  We have Adam doing some pre-k work, Laura is in Kindergarten, Sarah is in 2nd grade, Emma is in 5th, and Annie is in 9th.  She has a mega-long day, starting with early morning seminary at 6:30.

Today we managed to finish language arts, math for Sarah and Emma, map skills for Emma, history for Sarah and Laura, art for elementary kids, all before lunch.  That included time for their first day of school worksheets.  After lunch we will have nap for Adam, history for Emma, math for Laura and science for all.  Annie also did her first Spanish lesson.   

We have a jam-packed schedule this year and I am hoping we can manage to fit it all in.


Helen & Bill said...

Did I mention how very cute they all look? Best looking Hughes kids I've ever seen!

Katie Bell said...

Please tell your kids to stop growing up before I see them again.

I remember when three of them were born.

Three, Rachel....

Anxious to hear more details, when I can hide from my kids and call you....