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Saturday, August 10, 2013


This week in review

This week was a pretty good week overall.  It was good in that I didn't have a migraine, our house stayed relatively clean and I only had one meltdown.  Sarah had a friend sleep over, we finally made it to the library, replaced all the interior doors, Annie and Emma each finished a Fablehaven book, we finished a good portion of our back to school shopping, I actually got my visiting teaching done for the first time in over a year, most of our curriculum is ordered, Sarah found her missing wallet and we saw a double feature at the drive-in.

We also had a bit of work done on the van, moved the trampoline to a better spot in the yard, one of our chickens laid her first egg, and Emma can now play all 4 pages of Pachelbel's Canon.

It was also a bit of a dull week for some of the kids.  They stayed home most of the time.  Sarah and Laura and Adam played a good deal with the grand daughter of the next door neighbors.  Emma played with her friend Aimee.  Poor picked on Annie was home most of the time.  She did some babysitting when I took Emma to the audiologist and some shopping but otherwise was a homebody.

Nothing exciting to declare, no big news, just business as usual.


Katie Bell said...

My congratulations on the lone meltdown....definitely post worthy....and more eggs...

And thanks for not posting about your awesome tomatoes.

We're still friends.

Helen & Bill said...

Sounds like a good week to me!

Karen said...

You changed the date! Sometimes "business as usual" is enough to keep you busy!