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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Before and after

 Once there was a backyard that was scary beyond all reason.  It had a truly creepy shed, the kind you'd hide your drugs and or illegal person in.  It also had a patio overhang made in a truly unique fashion.  An awesome man named Howard came along and decided it had to go.  So he tore out the shed, then he tore out the strange chicken coop thingy next to the shed. Then he tore down the overhang.  And using the lumber, he built a new, smaller, less creepy shed (not featured at this time), reinforced the attic so he could store Christmas stuff, etc, and a play structure for his kids, where the creepy shed used to be.

creepy shed side view, with odd chicken coop

frontish view of shed

strange overhang thingy.  Notice its not connected to the roof, just bridged with OSB?? I don't think you want to know about where that downspout goes.
New play structure!  Coming this weekend or next will be the sand for under the fort and the surround with pea gravel, for safety, you know.

So, yeah, Howard pretty much rocks.  I'll post pictures of how much better and less freaky the backyard looks soon. :)


Katie Bell said...

True story, Howard does rock....

Helen & Bill said...

ok, ok, Howard rocks, no use denying it. He's made everything he's worked on better. I know you've been there with him on most of the projects Rachel, so may I say Rachel rocks too!

Steve said...

Impressive. Most impressive.

Patty said...

Can't wait to see the final pics...I'm sure it all looks fantastic! (And that WAS a weird overhang!!)