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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So on Monday, I took Laura in to get a large cavity filled.  They said their system was backed up and they didn't have tons of time,and since it was most likely going to be a baby root canal, they would do that one later and work on a regular cavity.  Turned out that Laura has soft teeth.  That regular cavity went down all the way and needed a baby root canal, which they had to finish, so the heck with their scheduling!.  How do I know?  They let me see it.  How cool is that?  I saw all the way into her tooth!  Sadly, it was the last time I saw her little tooth.  It is now covered in shiny metal, as is the matching molar on the other side.  She had two root canals in two days, plus another filling.  How did she take it?  Well, this is the same kid who was jumping on furniture the same day she had her tonsils out, so she was running around the house, playing Mario, being her usual self.  I admire her energy. 

I will admit, I feel sort of terrible about it anyway, as a parent.  I feel like I let her down and that other parents will be judging her and me by her teeth.  But hey, a bad parent wouldn't do anything about the teeth and leave them rotting in her mouth.  We have had lengthy discussions in the past on why she can't have soda 24/7, how candy is a sometimes food, etc.  She is still 4 though, for the time being, so that doesn't stop her from constantly asking.  These lovely new "princess crowns" are helping the other kids immensely, so I guess that is something too.  Bring on the water!


Helen & Bill said...

Caring parents take care of their children's health. Looks to me that that is what you are doing. Laura is one tough little cookie!

Patty said...

I think it has a lot more to do with genetics and the teeth themselves than it does parenting- I've known kids who eat sugar all day long and drink sodas and never get a cavity. On the other hand, I've known some that are vigilant with their teeth and aren't as into the sugar who have nothing but trouble. Love how it's teaching the other kids! (At least something good came from it, right?)