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Friday, February 1, 2013

Velocity Experiment

Earlier this week, Annie had a velocity experiment.  It involved eggs, ramps, and direction.  First she rolled an egg into another egg at the bottom of the ramp and noted the effects.  Then we rolled two eggs at the same time down similar ramps toward each other.  Conclusion:  there is more damage when two objects collide while moving toward each other and crash than when one stationary object is struck by a moving object.  Then, because there wasn't enough damage, we repeated it until one of the eggs was sufficiently smashed.  Oddly enough, the egg that survived the first crash withstood the other crashes.  Which of course, didn't help it in the end, as it became cookies later in the week.  

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Helen & Bill said...

Ya know, sometimes people are told how things work, but your kids are seeing it happen and that brings understanding and a working knowledge!