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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The truth about our new house/area

Okay, I have been ultra positive about our move.  Well, here is the truth:  It is totally awesome!!

Our weather, while not as rainy as usual, is bright and sunny.  The kids have been able to play outside most days.  Now that it is getting warmer, the neighborhood is coming alive, with all the kids out to play. It is a wonderful sight to see so many kids playing. I love hearing them too.  Brings back memories of my childhood, complete with squabbling. 

Our house, while still small, is quite efficient.  Aside from the windows.  Those really are terrible.  Though we don't have a basement, we have tons of space above the garage and above our bedroom for storage.  Another bonus to the no basement thing, no stairs.  And no laundry in the basement.  Its in the garage, where it is so easy to do.  Also, this garage floor is level and not falling apart.  Sweet.

Not a ball hog, this kid passes!

Emma just finished her first community sport, basketball.  She was able to be on a team with two of her cousins, and several friends from church.  Aunt Heather was her coach.  Emma learned lots about basketball and made some new friends.

Emma was powerful on defense
Pretty much all the stores that we are used to are in the next city to the north.  For reference, that is like driving from our old house to say, Smoky Hill Library.  IKEA is about equally as far, but without the massive parking structure. 

Howard has been looking for a hobby or something, and the city has provided that too.  He he he.  We got a call saying they needed a coach for Annie's softball team.  The original coach is being deployed or something.  Did I mention that its the majors, with 13-14 year old girls?  (Annie got bumped up to majors because they didn't have enough 13-14 year olds and recruited her) Its fast pitch.  With stealing, bunting, sliding, playoffs and everything.  Howard is going to be very busy. 

Sarah and Laura have been playing with the next-door-neighbors granddaughter, the one who went to the JellyBelly factory with us.  They also played with their cousin Derek and their friend Kendall during all the basketball games and practices.  Soon, they will make more friends, as Sarah will be starting T-ball soon and Laura and Adam will be on the sidelines. 

The kids still miss their friends, especially the Dorny girls, but they email often.  Laura doesn't really remember Colorado much.  Since there are no other Sunbeams, she meets with the next older class and has been invited to a party for one of those girls, so she is doing well, for her. All in all, its pretty fantastic.


Helen & Bill said...

Having the Hughes family in California is AWESOME!!! It's wonderful!

Patty said...

I'm so happy for you and your family! What a blessing to be in an area that you love and have so much to do/see/enjoy! :)