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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Park Day

     Today was a park day.  We finished school by 3.  Assembled the bike trailer, pumped the tires.  Put kids in the trailer.  Since Emma's bike is currently disassembled due to inner tube issues, the kids decided to use their scooters.  After we started out, the kids made a decision we would regret later on.  When we came to a critical intersection, the kids chose the longer route.  They wanted to by their cousins' house.  Sarah winn the Most Injured Award.  She was coasting downhill and lost control, slamming into a bridge rail.  She may have a black eye in the morning.
Emma gets Honorable Mention, for hitting a hole in the sidewalk and launching her scooter.  She only suffered minor scrapes.
     My bike trailer, sadly, is also injured.  Letting little kids help with pumping the tires was not so wise.  I  now need 2 new tubes, as they were over-inflated and now bulging.
We did manage to make it to a park.  Our first real park since moving here.  Okay, we did try one park when we first moved here, but it was infested with yellow jackets and we didn't last 5 minutes.  The kids all had a good time getting out and about.  We had Howard pick us up, as I didn't think Sarah would make it home.  Annie and Emma scootered home, as I rode my now trailer-less bike. 
     Tomorrow we will try again at another park, if we can get school finished early enough.  We just may drive though. :)

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Helen & Bill said...

I love your blog, someday you might try writing a novel. Your stories are fun and entertaining. Sorry about the day's mishaps. It'll make a great story some days as the kids recount their park day. Love you all!