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Howard and Rachel
Annie, Emma, Sarah, Laura and Adam

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today Emma began a new science unit and Sarah joined in.  The topic that evoked dual interest?  Digestion.   Sarah stuck around for the majority of the lesson, long enough to learn about teeth and why we brush.  Emma was pretty captivated.  Ok, I held her captive, or close to it.  Laura was watching Madeline and it is too distracting for Emma, so we did the lesson in my room, away from the noise.  It was interesting having our lesson, hanging out with Sarah and Emma, with Adam crawling over everything.  When we talked about teeth, Adam showed us his teeth.  When we talked about tongues, yup, his tongue came out.  When we did an experiment with crackers and saliva, he had to have a cracker too.  Sarah and Emma are both eager to do the next experiment with a tooth and soda.  On Thursday we will learn about the stomach and other fun stuff.  I guess it really does always come down to poop.


Bec and Doug said...

Alex just learned about digestion at school recently too. (Probably not as in depth since he's only in 1st grade.) He LOVED it too. They learned about teeth with it too, though instead of doing it with teeth in soda they used eggs, probably with slightly different goals I suppose. One they covered in toothpaste and then put in soda overnight and the other one just went in the soda. Bet ya can't guess which one was nasty the next day... Anyway, digestion is a fascinating subject apparently or else both of us have weird kids...

Helen & Bill said...