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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday with actual curriculum

Today, for the first time this year, we have all our curriculum, hooray!

Sarah started the day with short "a" words.  She wanted to learn all 50 of them, but I told her 10 at a time.  Its not that she loves reading, but that she gets prizes after each level she completes.  She accompanied Emma for Science, which was my sneaky plan all along.  Then she did a lesson on Funnix math and was done for the day.

Emma began her day with Post-it note spelling.  She did incredibly well.  Her spelling words come from BigIQ kids.  Next she began Apologia Science, Exploring Creation with Human anatomy and physiology.  We learned about what Egyptians and Ancient Greeks knew about the body.  We learned what anatomy and physiology are.  And we began our apple mummification.  Laura and Adam ate our control apple, so we had to use just one apple cut in half for the control and the mummy. She drew in her science notebook instead of doing a narration, then she ended up writing about her picture. :)  In math, Emma is 5 lessons away from completing her Horizons 2.   She is getting faster on her multiplication facts and now says that addition facts are easy!  She wants to finish mainly to start Saxon 3.  A bonus is that she gets a prize.  Also, I ordered her a Life of Fred Apples book that she wants to try. 

While Emma and I worked on her math and language arts, Sarah and Laura played Barbies in the bathroom sink.  Awesome.  Adam was up from his nap at that point, and ran in to see what they were doing.  Oodles of water on the floor and a running toddler are not a good mix and he fell right on his backside and head.  He was okay with plenty of love.  After the water was cleaned up, he chased them around the house with a sock on his hand, roaring.  Being true girls, they squealed, so they were all happy.

Back to Emma.  Emma is finishing up a chapter on James I of England, who was also James the VI of Scotland.  He was an interesting dude with some different ideas.  She also started a keyboarding review, which has been the talk of our family today.

Annie continues to work independently.  She has 35 lessons left in Beginning Algebra, which is pretty good considering she skipped pre-algebra due to my misreading the levels.  She did her second lesson in SOS Science, which was tools of a scientist.  She also did SOS Elementary Spanish.  I got the elementary so she and Emma could both learn and work with each other.  She lost The Horse and His Boy, after I dug through all the boxes to find it.  She finished her report on a person.  Once she finds/finishes her book, she can start her new lang arts level.  She is plugging away on her History Odyssey.  I need to have a sit down with her so she can review her notebook with me.  She begged off of Latin for the day, promising to do it tomorrow.  I should have made her pinky swear. 

Because of the move, we are all over the place scholastically.  However, the kids are much more cooperative about schooling, and are actually learning, as opposed to regurgitating set answers. 

In non-school news, thanks to the generosity of the Nelsons, Adam is in a real crib again.  I think he is happy to be out of the pak n play again.  Also, Howard replaced 2 of 3 faucets and set up the trampoline.  And we have watched all of the Halloweentown shows on Disney Channel.  I am a bit tired of them.   The three older kids joined 4-H and signed up for the projects of their choices.  None of them involved raising any market animals.  Annie went to her last day of Primary.  She is ready to move on to Young Womens.  She has been invited to the activity this week.  Howard has been called as the Teacher's Quorum adviser.  And, Laura sang the Madeline song all through sacrament meeting, at a pitch just loud enough to be annoying.

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Helen & Bill said...

Awesome and Inspiring. The curriculum sounds great. Wonder how it would work in the public school system? Can't wait to hear about the 4H activities.