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Monday, August 8, 2011

Its official

Today I returned the curriculum to the Options book lady and turned in the form to withdraw Anne, Emma and Sarah from school.  We are on our own now.  I am thinking we will file as a private school this fall in California.

We started a few reviews for The Old Schoolhouse this week.  I am reading up for some preschool for Laurie.  Annie and Emma began a trial of an online learning site.  They got coins for finishing school lessons.  The coins are used to play 3 pages worth of games.  They were playing/working for well over an hour and are making plans for collecting more coins.

I was able to keep the workbooks from Sarah's reading program.  She loves the program so much that I will probably end up buying it.  She has her books and crayons, scissors, glue etc. in her backpack.  She carries it with her.  She finished up her work for the day while we were running errands.  She has Laura singing all the songs with her.  They love to work together on their school work. 

Tomorrow we are going to be crazy and attempt IKEA again.  Most likely Sarah will be working on her school on the way.


Patty said...

I am so impressed with your homeschooling! I've seen plenty of people attempt it, but few that are quite so successful and good at it as you are. I hope all goes well with the move to Cali.

Karen said...

You are one BRAVE woman!