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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

See this lovely gem?  It seems to be on a friends and family plan.  The kind of plan where they all come and bite me.  Last night we had some good rain.  The 6:00 softball games were canceled.  The 7:30 games, however, were played as scheduled.  It was debated on the field whether the game should actually be played, as there was some serious thunder and lightning.  Emma's team ended up beating the other team 6-5.  I personally think it was the mosquitoes who won.  Everyone is covered in bites.  Emma got bit through her uniform!  I guess playing at a park adjacent to a canal after some rain on a hot day is not a good thing.

Annie has a game at 6pm tonight and Emma has a make-up game at 7:30.  Howard has asked me to go buy some of the clip on repellent and I am so on board with that. 


Karen said...

I was weeding last night, with bug spray on and those little pests still managed to get me! I have a love hate relationship with mosquitoes. I hate them but they love me!

Mom of 12 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to stay for a while! We have had way more trouble with mosquitoes this year than in years past. They spray our city, so we usually don't have very many, but this year it's been bad.

Helen & Bill said...

Why is it that humongous dinosaurs became extinct and those tiny, nasty, pesky mosquitoes are still around? Not fair!

Patty said...

I hate those critters! Does the clip on stuff work? I don't like the idea of using DEET but don't have a choice with how much the skeeters love me.

Diamond said...

When I think of mosquitoes I often think of the Nelson girls and have fond memories of girls' camp.