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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little weekend movie watching

A little background:  Howard likes to scare the kids.  As in, tell them there are vampires in the house, etc.  Uncle Mark would be proud.  Howard also initiates the scary movie watching.  He has had movie nights with the older two where they watched The Mummy and Jurassic Park.  When Annie begged to watch Jaws, he let her.  Last night, he decided it was high time they saw Gremlins.  We had just barely gotten to the part where the science teacher gets it when I realized Emma was totally freaked out.   I insisted on turning off the movie and watching something else before they headed off to bed.  Emma insisted on sleeping with the overhead light on, in Annie's bed.
After church today, with the two younger girls settled in watching Strawberry Shortcake, I let them finish the flick.  Its amazing how much less scary a movie is in the afternoon.  There were no issues at bedtime, as I am sure they were still confused by the craziness that is A Wrinkle in Time. 


Helen & Bill said...

Mother knows best about scary movies. They're not quite so scary during the day!

Patty said...

I still can't watch some scary movies after dark!! (Poltergeist... shiver...)
Good idea to have them watch something else before heading to bed!!