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Monday, May 16, 2011

Random update

Its been a while since I did a what we've been up to post, so here goes:

Annie and Emma started softball.  Howard is coaching Annie's team.  The two of them managed to recruit 3 girls that Annie knows, two of them from our ward.  Emma is on Coach Waylon's team again with her softball buddies, so she is happy.

Sarah and Laura have been working on Tot books and Preschool Packs.  So far they have done Peter Pan, Cars and Feelings.  They love these things and carry them around, matching, tracing, etc.  I am happy that I found these fantastic blogs.

Adam is proficient at stairs.  He can go up and down with no problem.  He says Mama all the time.  He can stand if he doesn't know he is doing it and walk with me holding one hand.  Trouble is comin' soon.

Emma has finished History.  Annie has mostly finished History and Science.  She has a few more experiments and mini papers and will be totally done.  Spelling is 2 lessons away.  Emma started her first equations using n as a variable today.  Pretty good, considering she had a fever and was kind of out of it until I remembered we have some Dayquil.

We ordered curriculum for next year at the Options book fair.  It was kind of hard because I didn't want any consumables or workbooks.  We are probably moving sometime around September, so I didn't want any workbooks to go with curriculum that belongs to the district here.  Its a little stressful.  Just a bit. 

We are trying to move to the Sacramento area.  Howard's company has an office in Folsom and they are looking to put a satellite employee there.  Right now they are in deliberations and will get back to us probably by June.  So we'd need to have a homeschool affidavit sent in by October 15, but I don't know where we will be living.  I've already joined a Yahoo group for homeschoolers and it looks like they do some pretty cool activities. 

If it doesn't all work out and we end up staying here, that won't hurt my feelings either.  Just thinking about the effort of moving wears me out. 

I got a totally awesome bike for Mother's Day this year.  I guess all the hinting and showing websites with a "This is the bike I want" totally paid off.  I've ridden it a few times and its really fun.  A bike trailer to haul the two littlest would make it a bit easier, as I am just riding around the cul-de-sac at naptime.  Hint, hint.

I started painting the house a couple weeks ago.  Knowing that the wasps nesting in the shutters would be active soon was my motivation.  One Wednesday while Howard and the older girls were at the church, I got up on a ladder and started pulling them off.  The ADT salesguys thought this was an opportune time to try to get me to agree to one of their systems.  I kindly informed them that I didn't have anything worth stealing, I am home all day, I have a guard dog and already pay an amazingly low home insurance rate.  That and I pointed out my detailed NO SOLICITING sign.  I supposed that a lady with a hammer and a crowbar and the sign would be enough for them to go away, but it wasn't.  I practically had to threaten them.  I hate salespeople who don't get a freaking clue!

The house will be gray with white trim.  The vile pink that burns my retinas is slowly but surely going away.  Hurray. 

Howard has discovered that the source of his insomnia is my snoring.  he bought earplugs and has been sleeping quite well.  Me on the other hand, he thinks I have sleep apnea, which is why I am always tired.  Either that or I have 5 kids who need me constantly. 

I think that about covers the last week or so.  This post is evidence of why blogging after midnight is not a good idea.


Patty said...

After reading everything that you do... it's no wonder you're tired!! You're entitled to it!
I love your updates. It's fun to hear about everything you've got going on.

David and Heather said...

Good to read your update. I want to see a picture of your new bike! I just sold my 2 seat bike trailer and bought a used trailer for Derek that works like a tandem. He loves it and when his legs get a little longer he can help peddle.

Helen & Bill said...

I'm so glad you found the time (in the wee morning hours) to update. I love reading and seeing how your family is doing! Love Ya.

CharlesMarkley said...

Get tested for sleep apnea. The last two tests that I have done have been with a pulse-ox meter on my finger, nothing more.