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Friday, May 6, 2011

A tale of a dresser

Once upon a time, there was a sad, ugly little dresser. This dresser was $5.99 at our local Unique thrift.  No one wanted it and it felt unloved. Someone had attempted to crackle paint it with really ugly results.  It was streaky, clumpy, chipped and all this, over the original finish.  They completed it with some hideous red wooden drawer pulls that wouldn't match good crackle paint, let alone a sticky mess.  It was sad, and felt ugly.

A nice family with a vision in their heads took pity on it.  They took it home.  They scraped off its icky coating.  They brought it down to its original self.  It felt better, more airy.  Then they added a nice, smooth coat of creamy parchment.  They patched the holes drilled all over its drawers.  They added pretty pink drawer pulls.  Finally, they brought it upstairs and filled it with clothes.  They showed it to its new owner, a very happy 3 year old who loved it and tried to hug it.  The dresser was happy to be pretty and loved.  The End.


Katie and Van said...

So CUTE! Love it! It turned out great :)

Helen & Bill said...

Very nicely done!

Karen said...

Did you take before pictures? It turned out great. I love the pink knobs/handles!

David and Heather said...

Very nice. I used the same pink knobs in Olivia's room. Love them! That dresser will look even better in California :)