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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two birthdays in 6 days

There is a reason Adam was born on the 19 of April.  It would be that Laura's birthday is on the 25, and with adjusted due dates and whatnot that were calculated oh, a week before, he was due on the 25.  Not a cool thing, especially as he had been due on the 18 or thereabouts the whole rest of the pg.  I had a sympathetic and very cool doctor who agreed that it would not be cool to piggyback b-days.  And so Adam's d-day is 6 days before Laura's, which brings us to the last week.  Whew.

 Adam had a great day to commemorate his birth.  He did not get breakfast in bed, as that would mess up his crib.  He did crawl around all day, made messes and ate junk food.  He got all sorts of gifts from family.  He got cars, books, a baseball decoration for his room, tools and a tool box, a fun box of Kleenex all to himself, and a blanket Annie started for him before he was born.   His cake was a Giants hat. I made him some shirts with a 1 on them.  He had a birthday nap and went to be at his usual time.  It was awesome.

Laura's birthday was yesterday.  I am hoping she enjoyed it.  I came down with a wicked cold/flu whatever on Sunday and only made it through yesterday with lots of help from Annie and Emma.  They made Laura some eggs and toast with juice for breakfast.  Not to eat in bed either.  They gave her the movie Madeline.  She has since watched it over 8 times, although not sitting down to it, wandering and then freaking out if anyone so much as turns down the volume.  Sarah picked out a Tangled story book for her. She elected to wear pajamas all day, which better than just underwear, so why not? Howard and I got her a Playdoh burger set.  She saw it in my closet during the day, so got to "open" it about 3 minutes later.  We took her to dinner at Chili's (sorry people there, I tried not to be contagious) and gave her sand toys, a Toy Story puzzle and a Samantha mini doll.  She was thrilled.  We came home and had a cake shaped like Madeline's hat.  And then they went to bed.  And I took Nyquil, slept and had crazy dreams. 

                 This is the birthday girl in her cuteness at Chili's.  Isn't she adorable??


Karen said...

What cute cakes. You're so creative!

Helen & Bill said...

I love the pictures! My little grandchildren are VERY cute. You Rachel, are quite creative with the cakes. Such Talent!

mommymjen said...

Love the cakes! Hey we celebrated a birthday on the 25th too. We had carrot cake though as that is Mikes Favorite cake. Now for the Celebration marathon at our house... Mae today, Josh and our annev. tomorrow! and a suprise party for Maelyn Saturday....