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Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Home Evening is getting easier??

We have had some really fantastic FHE's in the past.  All the kids crying.  Howard and I ready to throw up our hands or pull out our hair.  Fighting.  Kicking.  Falling off the stairs that they weren't supposed to be climbing the outside of in the first place.  Good times.

It seems though, that the winds of change have blown in, for a season at least.  Tonight Annie gave a lesson on Apostles.  Emma looked up scriptures in her brand new scriptures.  Sarah asked funny and somewhat relevant questions.  She also held the pictures of Jesus and the Apostles (Adam tried to eat the plant, but he does that all the time)  Annie was able to get through the whole lesson.  There was no fighting.  We ended with a rousing game of 20 questions, scripture style.  Its so cool when they figure out which person by the clues.  A sample of the questions:  Is it a man?  Is the person righteous?  Were they a king?  A prophet?  Did they fight in a battle?  Did they kill anyone in the middle of the night?  Do they have a book named after them?  Were they ever in captivity?  Awesome game and I plan on playing it again soon.
 Annie and Emma have been great examples lately during family Home Evening and I am well pleased with them.  I am enjoying being able to discuss the scriptures with them.  I love that they are learning hymns to play on the piano, on their own! I love that they have to teach lessons for Faith in God.  They know what its like to try to teach when no one is listening.   It has greatly improved their behavior during FHE.  Maybe that is the change?  I don't know, but I am loving it.


Tristan said...

Hooray! Those weeks are such a boost when the bad ones come around again. It does really surprise them to see what teaching with nobody listening is like!

Katie Bell said...

Someday I will have a post just like this one...right????

CharlesMarkley said...


Remember that?

Diamond said...

I loved the use of the phrase "well pleased" in reference to your children.