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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

baptism hairdo

Okay, that hairdo that looks cool and fancy?  Way easy.  I got it from an older hair blog, She Does Hair.  It starts with a basic pony tail, secured with a clear elastic band.  Separate the hair into at least five sections.  Braid each section and secure each with another clear elastic band.  Then, starting at the top, loop it over and tuck it under the first clear elastic band.  Keep going until all the little braids are tucked.  Arrange cute ends of hair to your liking.  If you want, you can curl them with a flat iron, or spike them.  I am lazy and just leave them.
That blog and the others linked there have helped me evolve from a very boring ungirly hair doing mom to one who can pull off cool hair with just a rubberband and a car key.  Yup, did that once in a pinch.


Bec and Doug said...

I thank you, and one day Mary will probably thank you.

Diamond said...

I LOVE hair blogs. Sometimes I get a little sad that Alayna most often wants "just curls".

Helen & Bill said...

That was a very cute "do."