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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

 To get this picture at the top of the stairs, all the girls slept in one room; it was an eventful night.  Did I mention that Laura woke up at 6:30 am?  Some of us were groggy all morning.  Maybe because it was still dark when the festivities began.

  Adam liked to crinkle his gifts, and suck on the wrapping paper
Sarah got her much desired locket from Santa
Emma shows off her new zhu zhu pet, one that actually works.
Annie with her gumball machine
Emma worked with me to make this apron for Annie
Once Laurie found her Madeline doll, she wouldn't put it down, even for boots, boots, B-O-O-T-S

Laura and Madeline

Sarah opening her big gift, what could it be??

A Ruthie American Girl doll, just what she wanted!

Annie and Emma opening the gift from Grandma Helen, Grandpa Bill and Uncle Steven

Its a Wii!!!!!!!

What else did Santa bring?  A piano! 

We had a fantastic Christmas!  Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky came over in the afternoon.  They gave us some Wii controllers and watched Toy story 3 with us.  We love having them near us.

                                                  It was noisy, amazingly not messy, and fun. 


CharlesMarkley said...

And today is fricking cold!!!!Hehehe, our garbage truck got stuck and had to be towed out.

Patty said...

Looks like everyone had a great time- just the way Christmas should be!

Katie Bell said...

Hey, nice piano, nice family, and that my tree?

Helen & Bill said...

What a fun morning! Thanks for the video. Would've loved to have been there and share the fun.

Helen & Bill said...

I Loved the photos. It was almost like being there!