Friday, October 8, 2010

For the record:

Little balls of Coco Puffs on the floor are annoying.  They roll when you try to sweep them, they crunch in tiny pieces.  They are no where near as nasty, though, as little balls of poop.  I love that Laura is mastering the potty.  It is sometimes cute when she uses the little potty as a step to reach things.  Not cute is when she poops in the potty in the kitchen and trips while carrying the little blue bowl and little brown balls of poop roll over the floor.  It puts Coco puffs into perspective.


Rebecca said...


Patty said...

On the plus side... at least she didn't have loose stools that day. Still pretty gross, though. Good thing moms have pretty strong stomachs!

David and Heather said...

That is funny, Rachel!