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Friday, August 20, 2010

Still here

I know i haven't blogged lately, but come on, I have 5 kids.  Plus, I never promised to blog regularly with say, specific posts on specific days.   That kind of committment is too much for me.  But it works for others, just sayin' its not for me.

Anyhow, the school room is pretty much done.  I need to get some groovy laminated wall maps and more tacky stuff to hang posters, and do a little more cleaning, but otherwise, done.  Its even painted with beadboard.  Oh yeah, I need Howard to hang the whiteboard.

In big news, at least around here, we finally got a laptop.  We have been looking since the end of last school year.  Annie and Emma have been saving like crazy to get it.  They contributed $72.00.  They were bummed when I told them they couldn't use it in their room, but they will get over it.  They really wanted a netbook but they needed a disk drive, thus, the laptop.

Annie's history and science are loaded on it and she wants to start on Monday!

Annie recently watched JAWS with Howard and me.  She is totally scared of sharks now, but its okay, since we are landlocked here.  She refused to watch a "when sharks attack" show with me afterward and even took our Bruce toys from Nemo out of the bathroom.  A healthy fear of sharks isn't a bad thing, right??  Heck, by her age I had sneaked peeks of several Freddy/Jason movies, in addition to watching JAWS and all sorts of war flicks.  I'm not scarred.  I have some irrational fears, mostly Poltergeist related, but no, not scarred.  Okay fine, I have issues.  Which is why we show scary movies very selectively around here. 

No other real news.  The girls started Fall softball, a John Wayne movie is scheduled for our Sunday night movie, probably McClintock, and as usual, I need new shirts.  Darn spit up.


Patty said...

I'm impressed that you find time to blog at all with everything you have going on! I enjoy hearing your updates, though.
I still can't watch poltergeist without closing the curtains after dark. It still creeps me out.

Helen & Bill said...

Interesting blog Rachel. I always love to hear what your family is doing. You're amazing in many ways!
Love you.

Katie Bell said...

I'm taking whatever you say about me, even if it's that I'm a schedule freak, as a compliment.

Diamond said...

Well, I actually blog less than you, and I don't even homeschool. It always amazes me to read how much you manage to do with with/for your family.