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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Progress is being made! On the wall in the basement to the girls' new room. Most of the door jamb is installed. Now the walls need texture and paint, the door needs to be cut to size and hung and I have just realized we need a door knob. Oops. Hopefully it will all be done by September 1.

Howard had time to work on it tonight because Annie decided that in addition to setting the table tonight, she'd clear it and wipe it, without being asked. Way cool. I love it when the kids are all thoughtful like that. It freed up some time for Howard to work.

Adam had a Hold-me day today, so I accomplished pretty much nothing except reading a Georgette Heyer book, thank you Katie! Its set in Regency England, which sadly, I know very little about. Note to self: research that time period, since I will be reading more of her books. Georgette Heyer's, not Katie's. Oh, and I got our Suburban registered. I didn't bring our old plates from the van with me and I am not loving the new plates. They have the letters VOM in them and it makes me think of vomit. Eww.

I did get Emma's math and the great composer books ordered yesterday, and some dry erase crayons, just for fun.

I am up way late doing my pre-school-starting-stress out. Trying to figure out how I am going to do it all, if we should be scheduled, not scheduled, how laid back to be, how will I keep my house remotely clean, why can't I be all organized like so many other homeschoolers whose blogs both inspire and depress me. Yeah, my thought are racing. The throwback Pepsi at 10 pm probably isn't helping either.

Emma has a fairy cooking class at 9 am and I don't know where the building is, so sleep would come in real handy. Good thing I have 2 12 packs of the Pepsi...


Patty said...

I think you're amazing to do all that you do already. Don't compare yourself to the others because you're likely comparing your worst to their best and that's not fair to you!! I hope you get things all settled for the start of school so you can stress less!

Bec and Doug said...

On the bright side of having VOM in your license plate... You'll never forget it and get your Suburban mixed up with someone else's nearly identical Suburban in a parking lot. Plus you won't have to be the one looking at it. The people behind you will be the ones forced to think of vomit.

Katie Bell said...

Probably one of my favorite posts to date. It contains all of the things that I like about you.