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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why is it always Annie? UPDATE

For some reason, Annie always gets the shaft. If there is anything to go wrong, it will happen to Annie. Without fail.
This time, we signed her up for softball with the city. Games start next week. Emma has been getting calls from her coach trying to schedule practice around the weather. No call for Annie. I finally called the sports office today. They told me she was on team X, the one she requested, the one with a girl she knows. Fine. I called the girl's mom to find out when practices are and whatnot. No call.

Tonight at her activity, Howard talked to the mom. Turns out there was practice tonight. He called the assistant coach. It seems Annie isn't on their roster, their team already has 12 girls. Oh, it gets better. They practice 2x a week, the second time on Sunday. Of course she can't do practices on Sunday. Its one of the 10 commandments! If she doesn't practice on Sunday, she can't play in the game on Tuesday.

We are going on vacation next Saturday so she will will of course miss that Sunday practice and the game on Tues. She'll miss the Wed practice and the next Sunday practice, so she will miss the next game, which is a double header. That is 4 games she'll miss out of an 8 game season. Adding to that, she'll be the 13th kid on the team and as such wouldn't get much play time anyway, plus she'll be the kid who doesn't go to Sunday practice. At this point, I want my money back.

If you can't tell, I am pretty upset. Add to this that she's been dealing with a bully all year at Friday school, her best friend has been treating her like crap lately, her Activity Day group changed the Mother Daughter Activity to the week we will be gone, even though she is the one kid who always goes, and our daddy daughter camp out happens to be that weekend too. She doesn't know about the softball thing yet. We just bought her new cleats and a glove. She will be so upset and I just don't know what to do. My poor kid. My heart aches for her.

California family, please let our trip out there not suck, she is giving up so much to come see you.


The guy at the sports office called back. He said he has no idea what the coach was talking about, Annie was on the roster from the beginning. He said he would switch her to a different team so hopefully that will work out better. Waiting to hear from either him or the new coach now.


Rachel said...

Your forgetting the netflix movie mix up.


Katie Bell said...

Phew...about the roster change, not about the Netflix movie mix up.