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Monday, April 5, 2010

productive unproductive day

Today began as most days do: Laura or Sarah crying because they were awake. Its Monday so I was expecting the worst. The older kids were watching tv and not eating or getting dressed.

Then the heavens parted and they all co-operated. They all went and got dressed, brushed teeth and hair and cleaned up after their eventual breakfast.

Annie and Emma asked if they could do Spanish this morning instead of singing time. Oh-kay. No argument here. Afterwards we headed downstairs where Emma caught up on her Lang Arts from Thursday, then did her work for today, including writing a letter to Grandma Helen. We did a brief review of India, the caste system, and Buddhism. She loved when we started the Mauryan Empire because the king we discussed was named Asoka.

Meanwhile, Annie worked on the Gold Rush. She began her first essay. She chose to write about Jack from By the Great Horn Spoon. Its a pretty good rough draft.

Once we finished those we headed outside for some hands on science. The girls planted flower seeds in the ground they prepped last month. If they grow, they grow. If they don't, at least there are bulbs in there. Then Annie assisted in cleaning up the remainder of the dog poop (hey, its a paying job around here). We cleared out the garden boxes and I had a bit of a meltdown when I couldn't start the dang rotortiller. After rounding up all the toys that have been scattered all winter, we headed inside and worked on math.

Amazingly, Emma loved learning her 10x's table. She says its so easy. She finished her math facts in about 80 seconds with no errors. She also did her worksheet in under 10 minutes, both sides. Annie worked on the area of a parallelogram and she figured it out. She was able to do the coordinate graphing with no trouble.

Howard came home, got the rotortiller going and discovered that our strawberries are not only alive but we have even more this year.

Annie and I headed to the library, paid fines, found some Jakata tales for tomorrow and even went by the bank to deposit a check that has been lying around since Emma's b-day.

We came home to Giants opening day. Hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and Tim Lincecum pitching. Sarah fell asleep on the couch, we finished Helaman 8 and even discussed it and then the kids went off to bed. It didnt' feel like we did anything at all today, but I guess we did.

Since today went so well, tomorrow should be horrible. :)

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Katie Bell said...

So jealous...can we borrow your rotortiller?