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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cloth diapering

My mom has recently wondered what the cloth diapers that I use look like, and how to use them. The majority of the time I use prefolds, trifold them, pin them and then put on a waterproof cover that velcros closed. The rest of the time, I use AIO's or All in Ones. The AIO's have an absorbent inner and a waterproof shell, all built in, with either snaps or velcro, no need to pin. Howard prefers the AIO's for ease of use. I prefer the prefolds because they dry faster and the covers can be reused several times. Plus, prefolds are really inexpensive, and as I have said before, I am really cheap.
These are a few of them. The first is an AIO with velcro closures, and a pocket inside to stuff for extra absorbency. The second is a one size AIO with snaps that can adjust from infant to toddler size. It does not have a pocket. The third is an AIO with cow print over the waterproof material. It has snaps, it is size medium and does not have a pocket. It is very absorbent. At the bottom is a prefold and next to it is a cover.

This is a more up close picture so you can see the snaps that adjust the diaper.

This is what they look like inside. When they are clean of course. I didn't include cloth wipes because they are basically 8x8 squares of flannel that we get wet, then use. Not complicated.

So there you go.

The diapers are all sitting on my spankin' new table.

There it is, in all of its 8, possible 10 person glory. And of course, it was on sale :) The buffet thingy is questionable as to if it will stay or not. Opinions anyone?


Diamond said...

I love the whole idea of cloth diapers. But, then I remember my experience with them and can't bring myself to use them again.

I have been waiting for a post about your table.

Patty said...

Those are awesome cloth diapers! They sure have come a long way, haven't they? And such cute covers too!

Helen & Bill said...

Thanks Rachel, I get it now.
Table is awesome, paint or restain the buffet/ Love ya!

Rebecca said...

Is the one with the pocket for extra stuffing for night time? Or is it so you don't have to change as much during the day?

Helen & Bill said...

Tell Howard the floor looks great!

Helen & Bill said...

Those diapers look a little small for me.

Rachel said...

Yes, its for stuffing at nighttime. Otherwise it would be too bulky for regular clothes. It fits foot pajamas nicely though.

And yes, Dad, they are too small for you.

Katie Bell said...

Yeah, so that's what your floor likes. I'm hurt you haven't invited me over to see it yet. Nice pick on the table.

legendswife said...

I told my husband awhile back that we are so doing the cloth diaper thing the next time were pregnant.

OK..This is only suggestions:)
Suggestions for your dining room:
First off it looks like you got a nice space and great furniture to work with.You could keep the buffet/sideboard where it is at and paint it a white/distressed look. I also would lighten up the paint a little to let your table and plate be the show piece. (SW Alabaster 7008 or Ivory Lace 7013)

(I also would rearrange the plates and move the pics on the buffet) INSP:

Inspiration Room

God Bless