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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zhu Zhu pets

If you are the parent of a young girl, you will know what Zhu Zhu pets are. They are the toy this season. Nearly impossible to find and marked way up on ebay and Amazon.

Annie and Emma have been trying to find these since October, at least. They have had money saved and set aside. Each time they go to a store, they track down a stock clerk and ask when they will be in stock.

Today we went to Target to get boring house stuff, soap, paper cups, etc. Annie brought her money in case she saw a Webkinz Koala. Alas, they were not in stock. However, the heavens parted and the angels sang and a light shone down on three Zhu Zhu pets, right there in the toy aisle.

Of course we picked up all three. Now Annie, Emma and Sarah are in love. They have yet to open them, as they have committed to finishing their school work first, and Sarah napping first.

Oh the fun they will have in just a few hours.


David and Heather said...

So my attempt to comment didn't work for some we go again. Congratulations to your Zhu Zhu lovin' girls. My Zhu Zhu hunting came to an end last week thanks in large part to my mom and her co-worker. Hooray!

Katie Bell said...

You're the best mom EVER.

Karen said...

I guess my kids are out of the loop. They have never even mentioned a Zhu Zhu pet...thank goodness!

Rebecca said...

I am not the parent of a young girl but I still know what they are!

Happily Ever After said...