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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why my daughter has a funky middle name

Have you ever had that friend who just totally got you? You clicked instantly and were friends for life? The kind of friend who you can tell if they are annoying and they can tell you, and you still get along? Even though they live far away you are still close? If so, you are a very lucky person.

I have my husband and my sister. They will always be the best for me. But sometimes, I miss my other best friend. My friend Eiren.

Eiren passed away almost 5 years ago and I still miss her dreadfully. I miss her crazy quirkiness. I miss her blurting out strangely inappropriate things at the oddest times. I miss doing fun stuff together. I even miss her cats, rabbits, mice and birds! I miss being part of a girlfriend duo. The kind where other people see you together and wish they could be friends with you, either that or shake their heads and think you are crazy. I miss her odd late night conversations about who knows what.

I've never really been really good friends with girls or women. Oh, we chat and can hang out occasionally but not get really close, not best friends close. Most of my friendships are pretty surface. Probably due to growing up a tomboy and missing out on vital girly social clues. I don't know. Eiren and I just clicked. I was assigned to be her visiting teacher. I met her at Baskin Robbins and afterwards we went to Rite Aid so she could pick out her newest hair color. If you know me, I am pretty stodgy so I can't believe we clicked like we did. Eiren was anything but conventional. She kind of shook me out of my boring housewifeness right when I needed it. We went through my first miscarriage and her tubal pregnancy together, being blood draw buddies. I taught her how to make some wicked mac and cheese with whole milk and real butter. One winter she decided that instead of doing the 12 days of Christmas to one family, we would do three!! To people with gates and dogs. Ah, Eiren was a hoot.

Eiren would be 30 now. I know she'd freak about that. Her son would be 4 this spring. What a fun and funky mom she would have been.

She always made life interesting, if complicated and sometimes downright strange. She also managed to find the good in every situation, even when her husband lost his job. I could use some Eiren in my life right now.

So, if anyone was wondering, Sarah's middle name is Eiren, pronounce Erin, after my quirky fun best friend. Who I miss almost every day.


Katie Bell said...

Just wanted to say I'm sorry you lost your best friend.

Rachel said...

Thanks Katie. Sometimes it just hits me and makes me upset. Pg hormones probably don't help.

Diamond said...

I'm so happy you were able to have such a great friend. I'm sorry she's gone.

Helen & Bill said...

Eiren was quirky. I remember when she got her braces off and she flashed a big toothy grin and said, Notice anything new?" She was special. I think you're missing her more now because you need a true blue BF that you can share your joys, fears, and whatever. I personally am grateful that I can talk to you and Karen. Daughters truly are little girls who grow up and become special friends. I love you. Mom