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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water, water, everywhere...

My sister has been having some issues with water in her house. Pipes bursting, leaks, etc. I had been sitting around, enjoyed my blessed water damage free home, until yesterday. For some reason our washing machine decided to spew forth the water from a Super Size load. I think it even forgot to end the cycle and began another one, spewing forth its soapy wetness. As a result, our basement is soaked.
When we first noticed it (Howard noticed it and started screaming) it was a swamp. We have carpet in that half of the basement. Not installed, just laid over the concrete. The water was puddling around our feet. Howard tried to diagnose the problem while I sucked up water with our handy dandy carpet cleaner. The girls helped by lugging buckets of dirty water to the backyard. A most successful Family Home Evening.
We tried repeatedly to get the washer to repeat its messy business but it refused to leak. Now we are truly WT.
We have the washer up on #10 cans with the bottom off.

I'm slightly afraid to wash anything else. While it was fun to suck up all that water with the carpet cleaner, I don't want to do it again. Besides, the carpets are still soggy.
On the plus side, Howard and I both managed to write our papers for school in the time period after dinner and before 11pm. With wet socks.


Karen said...

I feel your pain with water problems. It's nice to see you're getting good use out of your food storage!

David and Heather said...

I love the food storage cans! That is so funny! It's a good thing you and Howard make such a great team! Stay dry!

Rebecca said...

I hope we are not next with the water problems. We came home to a dry house.

Helen & Bill said...

You must have had flood envy. Keep us posted on your washing machine diagnosis. I'm proud of you and Howard keeping up with you "school work".