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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Freak Accident

Yesterday I thought I'd be the good mom and take my kids to the park for playgroup. Annie and Emma were at school so it would be Sarah and Laura and other little kids from church.

There were actual grown ups to talk to. The kids all got along well. It was really fun. As the outing was winding down, Laura finally got brave enough to go down the slide alone. She reached the bottom and had a mixed reaction. First, she was proud of herself. Then, what the heck was going on, OUCH!!!

She started screaming so I ran over to pick her up. I noticed her the skin on the palm of her hand looked odd so I put some water on it, thinking maybe the hot slide had burned it. One of the other moms had some ice so we put some ice on it. Then we noticed her arm. It had a huge burn on it. I packed up Sarah and Laura. The moms packed up my stuff and I rushed to the Dr. Of course they were closed for lunch so I headed across the hall to Urgent Care. They rushed me in ASAP. Then they said they couldn't treat it and I needed to take her to Children's Hospital.

After rushing home to get Howard, make arrangements for the kids to be picked up from school (thanks Rhonda for being willing) and putting some gas in the car(the light was on) we rushed to the hospital. When we finally got to the check in desk the lady noticed that Laura's skin was hanging off her arm so we went right back with a nurse.

Laura has 2nd degree burn on both palms and on one arm. She has some lovely pink bandages now. She is taking pain medication so is still pretty cheerful. And she is managing to get into things with just her thumbs
Isn't she smashing? She will go to the burn clinic early next week to have her burns examined and dressed. She should fully recover with minimal scarring. And I am going to rethink being a nice mommy and the merits of playing at the park and social interaction. :)


Karen said...

Parks can be a dangerous place!

Rachel said...

Yes, we should avoid them and keep our kids safely locked indoors....then again bunk beds and corners and those darn moving walls can get them too.