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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time off

Howard's job is officially over. He has been spending his days fixing up cars, messing with the chlorine levels on the pool and napping. Early retirement is rough.

Seriously though, he did get a sunburn yesterday. He went to the local Pick and Pull to get a part for one of the cars he is listing for Mike. He forgot to put on sunscreen and is a bit tender. That'll learn him.

He is also learning the hard way why I don't grocery shop with the kids and always readily accepted his offers to go to Costco on his way home from work. He has stated, "Man the girls are a pain in the butt to take anywhere. Its always whining and drama." Despite this newfound knowledge we are setting out today to have a patriotic 4th, complete with a reading of the Declaration of Independence at a historic park thingy. Must remember the sunscreen and the patience.

There is one glaring downside to his layoff. He had saved on his work voicemail 9 years of messages from the girls from before they could speak. Some were only heavy breathing from his stalker daughters, some were tattling, most were "I love you Dad" in various stages of speech progression. All of them were precious.

If you glance at the timestamp you will know that once again I am up too late. At least this time I am blogging, not watching reruns of NCIS with an almost obsessive intensity.

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