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Sunday, June 14, 2009

If all your friends jumped off a bridge....

To encourage Laura to walk I have been telling her that Isaac, Robyn's cute son, can do it and he is only 2 days older than her. "Be like Isaac. See how Isaac walks and runs? Wave to Isaac, he can walk." I know, not the best parenting strategy. Laura has taken the advice to heart though. She has decided to emulate her little friend...and not sleep anymore! She still can't walk and now she is a big time grouch. Sadly she hasn't taken niceness from Isaac. He always seems to be in a good mood, at least whenever I see him. Not Laura, that girl is always cranky.

Laura has also decided to headbutt. It is her response to the communication barrier experienced by toddlers. If she is hungry, bam! If she is bored, bam! If she wants up, bam! If she wants down, bam! If she wants something, bam! It is getting very very old. My neck hurts, my cheekbones hurt, my temples hurt. All the constant bamming is getting to me.

It is a well known fact that parents think their kids are cute so that the kids will make it through childhood. It is a lesser known fact that if a parent sees their kid sleeping it reinforces that somewhere in their child is a little angel. It makes us creep up on them and kiss them in their sleep. When the kids don't sleep long enough for the parents to get some REM, the kids cuteness wears off.

So pay attention Laura: go to sleep already and quit headbutting everyone!!!
P.S. I still think you are cute, but from a safe distance, with ear plugs in.


Happily Ever After said...

Laura, listen to your Mommy! :)

Karen said...

What's REM sleep? I haven't had that in forever! Someday....

Baileys said...

I just have to say I'm sorry. :) It sounds like Isaac's been taking pointers from Laura too - he started headbutting this week! Hurray!