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Friday, March 13, 2009

What to post?

Happy Anniversary to my parents! They rock, they have been married for 38 years, I think. I am so happy that they still love and even like each other after all that time. Its a looooong time. (Sorry about that. My kids watched a show where the servant says his master is going on a looooooong journey and we have said it that way ever since) My parents are a great example of loving each other and working it out. Plus they balance each other out pretty well. Way to go Mom and Dad!

We finished another good week. The older two passed their level in gymnastics and advance to the next one. Thank you Grandpa A for the christmas present allowing them to continue for another session! The girls have been practicing on the trampoline every dry day.

Sarah is cute. And has a temper. She is so my kid. :) I washed her Cinderella dress for her last night. She saw it hanging up and her face lit up. "You washed it with soap mom?" Yes, I washed it with soap and water. "Oh thank you mom!" Made me feel like a million bucks. Or at least made up for when I was mean enough to load her into the van barefoot because her shoes "feel ouchy" and we were running late.

Laura is awesome, of course. She has a fluffy bum now that we are using cloth diapers. I have made 3 fitted diapers. Each design is better than the rest. Eventually I will make one good enough to show off! Oh, her bum is happy now too. And I am happy, no more poopy blow outs up her back each and every day. It was getting kind of frustrating.

I made some clothes for Molly the American Girl on Sunday. I made a lavender skirt, a white shirt and some groovy whitey tighties. Without a pattern. Annie asked how I did it. Uh, I am just making it up as I go. ding ding ding! I have since purchased a pattern, not that I know how to use one. As soon as I find some of that elusive free time I will attempt to make flannel pajamas for the doll and some for Annie too.

Why no pictures to back up my claims of greatness? Because my computer is possessed and about 80% of the time when we open our browser some lame-o about blank page pops up and won't allow us to use the internet or do anything else. The computer then has to be restarted. I don't have a card uploader thingy to use on Howard's computer so all my pictures are stuck in my camera, to be seen at a date to be named later.

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